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C-Stamp Outstanding Service And Great Innovation

At C-Stamp We’re Committed To Outstanding Service And Great Innovation

Since the company’s inception in 1986, our goal has been to provide the best service and the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Cultivating an outstanding customer experience from start to finish is our #1 priority.

That’s why we invest in innovation at C-Stamp. As a team, we’re continually creating and testing new materials and working to streamline our manufacturing process to serve our customers best.
C-Stamp Outstanding Service And Great Innovation

Small Business, Big Results

As a small business, we take the time to get to know our customers to better understand their needs and exceed their expectations. 
Unlike the bigger guys, we go above and beyond for our customers. We have no minimum order requirements, and you can count on us for a fast turnaround.
We’re also one of the few pad printing companies to offer recycled bases as an option, saving our customers money and creating less waste.
Got a problem? We’re always happy to hop on a call to help troubleshoot!
And because we understand that customer relationships are the key to our success, we travel all over the U.S. to check in with our customers several time a year

Meet The Team


C-Stamp Team



C-Stamp Team


Chris Avery

Operations Manager

C-Stamp Team



C-Stamp Team


Brad Parker

Production Manager/ Technician